2023 International Conference on Maritime and Transport Logistics (MTL)

Welcome Message from the President of National Taiwan Ocean University
Dr. Tai-Wen Hsu


Ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, it is a great pleasure to welcome everyone to participate in China Maritime Institute 2023 International Conference on Maritime and Transport Logistics at National Taiwan Ocean University. Due to the impact of the pandemic, countries around the world have encountered great importance to the promotion and implementation of shipping industry policies in recent years. The most concerning topic of the government, shipping industry and scholars is how to face the significant shocks in the shipping market, take sustainable development as the premise, combine various emerging technologies and introduce key industry development policies.

With the drastic changes in the external environment, the shipping industry will inevitably encounter the impact of different factors such as new technologies, new competitors, and new consumers. The shipping industry can make better use of resources to develop efficient operating strategies if there is good risk management in the changing environment. How to implement new technologies and strategies to sustainably operate and develop in a changing environment has become an important topic of concern to the shipping logistics industry and the government. Water shipping is an essential cargo transportation, causing many environmental and social issues. Therefore, new technologies and strategies for sustainable sea freight development are becoming more crucial. In the future, the shipping industry will use the technologies and strategies, such as reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, using low-carbon fuels, establishing a circular economy for shipping, promoting green ports and port areas and promoting the intelligence and automation of shipping to achieve sustainable shipping. Sustainable development aims to reduce the impact on the environment and society while improving the efficiency and competitiveness of Taiwan's shipping and logistics industry.

It is a great honor to co-host the conference with China Maritime Institute and to be co-organized by the Institute of Transportation, MOTC (R.O.C.), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University CY Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies and major departments of shipping, transportation and logistics of the domestic universities. We look forward to communicating and exchanging with experts and scholars from all industries.

Lastly, I wish the conference a complete success.

National Taiwan Ocean University President Dr. Tai-Wen Hsu
Chair Professor, Department of Harbor and River Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University
National Cheng Kung University, Ph.D. in Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering


Welcome Message from the Chairman of the China Maritime Institute
Professor Chin-Shan Lu

Dr Lu-1

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to sincerely invite you to participate in the International Conference on Maritime and Transport Logistics hosted by the China Maritime Institute and the Department of Shipping and Transportation Management at the National Taiwan Ocean University. The Conference will be held from 25 to 26 May, 2023 (Thursday and Friday) in Keelung City, Taiwan.

Over the past few years, COVID-19, volatile freight rates, port congestion, Suez Canal blockage, higher inflation and rate, as well as the war in Ukraine created high uncertainties in demands and disruptions in global supply chains. This disruption has led to an attention on supply chain resilience, and rapid adoption of new technologies and strategies to responding to the impact. The maritime and transport logistics industries play an important role in the global supply chain. The Maritime and Transport Logistics (MTL) conference in 2023, specifically theme “New Technologies and Strategies for Sustainable Development”, will play a platform and bring together, academics, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and research students to share and exchange cutting-edge ideas with respect to the practices and theory. This conference will highlight the useful approaches and strategies to increase the sustainable development and competitive advantages in the maritime and transport logistics sector. Selected quality papers will be recommended for publication in the journals, including Maritime Business Review (ESCI and Scopus Index) and Maritime Quarterly.

We very much look forward to meeting you all in the conference, and we wish all of you a fruitful event.

Chair, MTL Conference
Chairman, China Maritime Institute
Professor, Department of Transportation and Logistics Management
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.